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Would you like to create a healthier lifestyle and learn how to de-stress your home and life?

Do you want to find out how to eliminate some of the sources of your:

  • stress
  • tiredness
  • poor sleep
  • allergies
  • bad memory
  • low libido
  • children's behaviour
  • asthma

Then read The Healthy Home (The Healthy House in America), Gina Lazenby's astounding book on how to create a healthy lifestyle in this modern, ever changing world.   Click here for reviews on The Healthy Home.


This web-site is designed to support you in making your own changes and is based upon material in The Healthy Home book. Click here to order your signed copy of the book today. Copies of The Healthy House (USA Edition) can be obtained by clicking on Recommended Reading and then Books from USA.


Weekend Retreats in the Healthy Home

Best-selling author Gina Lazenby has hosted trainings, workshops and retreats in the Healthy Home, her beautiful home in the Yorkshire Dales, for the last ten years.

Click here to find out details of the next Business Wisdom Retreat for Women in August, 2010.

The next Women's Wellness Retreat weekend will be held in early summer 2010. Colour leaflet available soon. Join us for a weekend of inspiration, fun, learning, insights and rebalancing for mind, body and soul.

During the weekend there will be:
* periods of silence and contemplation,
* plenty of time for sharing and chatting, it's what we women love to do - connect! .. especially with like-minded souls ,
* time in nature to restore your well-being, with breathtaking views over our garden to the Yorkshire Dales
New skills:
* powerful exercises to help you explore or reconsider your purpose in life,
* an exciting feng shui experience where we bring this ancient wisdom to life so you can use the key insights to see how your current home is supporting you or unwittingly working against you,
* learn how to dowse for negative energies like geopathic stress and understand how to neutralise them,
* get to grips with electrosmog - find out which electromagnetic fields are safe, which are harmful and learn the solutions to keep your family safe,
* find out how you can get mastery over your energy levels once and for all and understand the secrets of keeping younger longer,
* practical tips if you are planning any redecoration or remodelling of your own home....
........... a bumper bundle of a weekend and there's still time to be relaxed!!
Check out the newsletters about previous retreats.


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